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Technical SEO Consultant

Using the services of a technical SEO consultant can help to supercharge your business and get your brand noticed by the right audiences online. As a freelance SEO specialist who offers expertise in technical SEO, I can provide expert insights into the foundations upon which your digital marketing success should be built.

I offer more than 14 years of experience and knowledge in technical SEO best practices to my clients across industries and sectors. I dynamically research, analyse and create bespoke SEO strategies designed to enhance your website’s long term SEO performance and efficiency.

As an independent SEO expert, I use the latest and most powerful tools to make it easier for search engines like Google and Bing to crawl and index your website. These efforts will boost your position in search engine results pages and enhance your website’s profitability.

If your SEO strategy needs an expert touch, contact me to find out how I can take your business to the next level!

My Technical SEO Experience

My technical SEO consulting experience dates back to 2008, where I began to gain knowledge as an in-house expert with several respected SEO agencies. It was during this time when I was given the opportunity to implement various digital marketing services and strategies for notable multinational brands, including Les Mills and Nestlé.

While these large-scale programmes yielded excellent results, I quickly recognised that I wanted to apply my skills as a technical SEO consultant in a way that supported the growth of smaller, local companies.

Today, I provide premium SEO consulting services at competitive prices for small, medium, and large businesses across the UK from my Birmingham base. Dozens of companies have benefited from my extensive SEO audits, lead generation practices, and search engine optimisation services as a result.

Technical SEO Consultancy Services

Below, I’ve presented some of the core technical SEO projects I can provide support with. I also offer SEO Sprint packages developed to provide you with all of the insights and actions you need without requiring you to sign up for a retainer-based service.

Over and above these services, I can deliver full technical audits that provide you with clear, actionable insights on adjustments for your website to improve its overall structure and make the most of on-page and technical opportunities.

These audits can be completed during site development as well, ensuring that your website is optimised, and all fundamental issues are addressed before it goes live. This will minimise the risk of your site and core pages being incorrectly indexed by search engines like Google and Bing.

Tech Consultancy

As a technical SEO consultant, I’m readily available to deliver consistent and progressive support in collaboration with you and your team. I can use my wealth of expertise to dynamically solve problems as they present themselves in real time, and also to research, analyse and develop future-proof SEO strategies that will help to secure your business’s long term growth.

Technical Audits

I can conduct detailed reviews of your website in its current form to find out what’s performing well and what needs to be improved. I’ll ensure that your site can be crawled and indexed effectively, before auditing your technical set-up and on- and off-page SEO to compare them with your primary search competitors.

I will also perform a complete review of your current site and gain key insights into your competitors’ strategies to identify what can be improved to give you a leading edge. My audits cover key areas like technical set-ups, SEO links, and search competitor comparisons.

Javascript SEO

My Javascript SEO consultant services involve a deep-dive analysis of your current Javascript usage. This detailed analysis will leave no stone unturned as I work to inspect all applications of Javascript on your site.

The process will also isolate any issues therein, for example, within your links, product pages or rendering (both pre and post) that could reduce search engines’ ability to crawl and index your site. The resultant improved readability will contribute to greatly enhanced organic search rankings.

International SEO

All great technical SEO consultants want to see their clients thrive, and I’m no exception! I’m eager to help local UK businesses and international brands thrive and provide cutting-edge international SEO campaigns to help you reach your key goals. These campaigns are tailored to support your business as it expands into global markets.

My international SEO services include in-depth analyses and refining of geographical targeting configuration, localised content creation, URL structure, and more.

XML Optimisations

I will conduct a complete review of your XML sitemap processes to ensure that search engines index all of your most powerful and essential landing pages.

I use pioneering sitemap discovery tools to strengthen your website’s support maps and make it easier for search engines to index the web pages that are most conducive to your SEO success.

Internal Link Optimisation

Internal link building is a crucial aspect of any successful SEO strategy. My technical SEO consultant services are designed to ensure that your site’s internal linking structure is as efficient and simple to navigate as possible.

Additionally, I will aid link equity in flowing seamlessly throughout your website by ensuring that all deep pages are linked to their authoritative and relevant counterparts. This form of link building helps both site users and search engines to navigate your pages efficiently, creating readily indexable topical clusters and promoting improved rankings and profitability.

What Is A Technicaltechnical SEO Audit?

A technical SEO audit is the process of analysing a website to identify any core issues, absences, and successful aspects within the technical categories of its SEO strategy. These categories include, but are not limited to, meta data, site architecture, keyword and content optimisation, and XML sitemaps.

The ultimate aim of a technical SEO audit is to gain information that enables me to create a complete plan that will boost the efficiency of search engine algorithms and enhance the impact of your website’s SEO. This process forms the basis of my search engine optimisation campaigns.

Do I Need A Technical SEO Audit?

If you think that you may need the help of an SEO audit consultant, read through the questions below. If you answer ‘yes’ to one or more of the questions, you may need a technical SEO audit to optimise your site!

My Technical SEO Approach

My technical SEO auditing approach involves me using a range of sophisticated SEO software, including Google Search Console, Screaming Frog, and Ahrefs, to conduct a comprehensive analysis of your website’s SEO.

From there, I assess all the data I have collected before creating a customised SEO strategy that highlights exactly where and why your website needs to be improved, and how to achieve these improvements.

This SEO blueprint will be provided to your development team, who can then make informed, data-driven decisions to optimise your site’s SEO. If you do not have a team at your disposal, I will gladly implement and maintain the strategy myself.

Common Use Cases For A Technical SEO Audit

Businesses of all sizes can benefit from SEO audits, as they enable site owners to keep their strategy at the forefront of their respective markets. However, due to their differing sizes and levels of maturity, each business may implement their findings in different ways.

For small businesses, on-site, local business can be a major driving force of growth. An SEO audit will immediately help identify any issues your business may have ranking for local searches.

Moreover, by optimising your site so that it appears in Google’s snack pack (the three local listings that appear at the top of its SERPs) and maximising the impact of your broader SEO game, small business owners can start to form a community of returning customers.

While medium-sized organisations can reap all the benefits that small businesses accrue from an SEO audit, the process can help them understand their market competition with greater insight.

This gives them with the ability to target their customers with precision, gain topical authority, and promote higher search engine rankings and larger numbers of organic traffic.

Truly successful large enterprises need to maintain all areas of their SEO. Conducting regular technical SEO audits is a particularly potent tool for keeping brands atop their respective SERPs.

Additionally, large enterprises will benefit from the increased insight and accuracy that an audit can provide when marketing new products and services.

Technical SEO Questions

Technical SEO focuses on all the core factors that impact Google & other search engines’ abilities to crawl, index and rank your content and landing pages, potentially impacting the amount of revenue you can generate via SEO.
A technical SEO consultant can ensure that your website is crawlable for search engines, and optimise images, code, loading times and more.
Technical SEO is a subset of the broader SEO umbrella that focuses on optimising the technical aspects of a website to improve its SERP rankings.
Technical SEO can improve your website’s rankings on SERPs, thereby enhancing the profitability of your website and that of your business as a whole.
Yes! My services are available to companies in many parts of the world, and to UK-based business looking to expand internationally.
I offer many years’ worth of experience in technical SEO consulting and can use this experience and the latest tools to get you the results you need.
Absolutely. Use the contact form to get in touch with me and we can discuss your requirements at the best time for you.

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