Free SEO Advice & Clinics

Free SEO advice for companies in Birmingham, & Coventry

I’m going to be running a series of free SEO clinics where any business across Coventry, Warwickshire or Birmingham can get free and impartial SEO aimed at helping you improve overall enquiry levels, footfall or online sales.

Kevin Wiles - SEO Advice

How does it work?

Every 2 weeks I will be offering agencies or in-house SEO teams the chance to get free and impartial advice around their current SEO or discuss how to set up SEO for success.

You’ll submit your request via the button above and during our 1-hour slot, we’ll go over how SEO can help or discuss the specific problem you’re currently experiencing when it comes to growing your agency or business.

Who's it for?

The SEO clinic is ideal for anyone looking for some impartial advice on a potential SEO problem they are facing or for agencies looking for support on how to potentially attract the right SEO talent.

There are no topics off limits here having spent the last 10 years working across the world on international and regional brands.

The clinic would suit anyone with any SEO questions that they would like sound boarding no matter how simple or complex.

No, these sessions are purposely aimed at answering specific SEO questions you have and how solving them can help drive your business sales and traffic forward.

Nothing, ok well maybe not nothing all I ask is that if you feel the advice and support has been genuinely useful that you leave a review via one of the many review platforms out there such as LinkedIn or Google My Business

Not necessarily, although if you’re asking a specific question related to SEO I’d assume you have a good grasp of even the basics. However, this offer is open to even people looking to just know what SEO is and how it can help.

This is a tough one to ask but it will depend, the advice is aimed at being just helpful or informative around a specific problem. It might be the outcome of the problem or question will require your business to invest in development to solve the issue.

However that’s a totally different conversation with your developers and not me.

How do I book?

This is the easy part simply click the button below and I will reach out with any additional questions before booking some time to go over your SEO question.