Technical SEO Audits

Drive traffic and revenue to your website by optimising how Google and other search engines find and index your content.


Technical SEO Audit Services

A thorough technical SEO audit is a highly effective way of gaining a full overview of all the current issues your website is facing, and the improvements it needs to drive optimal SEO performance.

A complete technical audit will provide you with a list of specific actions you should take to get your SEO performance and strategies on the right track. I offer comprehensive technical SEO audits that are tailored to the needs of your website or business to ensure that your site ranks as highly as possible on popular search engine results pages like Google and Bing.

My Auditing Process

As an experienced technical SEO consultant, I have my own unique auditing process. I have adapted this process over time using some of the industry’s leading tools like Sistrix, DeepCrawl, Sitebulb, Botify, Screaming Frog and many more.

I work in line with the goal of providing you with a complete picture of all the current potential issues that may hold your website back from experiencing the true growth it deserves. My audits involve analysing every element of your website to ensure that there are no critical issues that could hinder the optimisation process. In most cases, just a few minor changes can enhance your SERP ranking monumentally!

My technical SEO audit consultant process works as follows:

First, I spend ample amounts of time getting to know your site, your business’s core competitors, and your previous activity. I then gain access to all the relevant tools I need to begin the auditing process.

Once I have obtained the data I need, I begin a detailed auditing process with the goal of uncovering all potential issues which could hold your website back from growth in the future.

These issues could pertain to indexation and crawlability, on-page technical elements, broken or poorly sized images, internal or external links on your website, loading speeds, mobile device compatibility, and others.

I will deliver a complete report of my findings to you and any of your team members who will be assisting in implementing my recommendations. I also provide a PDF file containing my key identifications to all relevant stakeholders for your convenience.

What I Look for During Audits

I perform a range of tests and audits during each of the technical SEO audits I perform to assess the performance of your site. These audits may include crawling your website to identify any existing issues; identifying crawlability and indexation problems; assessing technical on-page elements; identifying issues with images on your site; and analysing all your internal links.

I may check external links for any potential problems, ensure that your site is mobile-friendly and loads reliably on smartphones and tablets. I’ll even assess more advanced issues like log file analyses, paginations, and advanced site architecture.

The importance of each of these issues will depend largely on the website or page on which I am working at any given time. For instance, the main pages that you want to see ranking highly on SERPs will always be given priority over pages that don’t necessarily need to be indexed to drive your website’s growth.

Actionable Tasks & Recommendations

All of my SEO audit services are usually delivered in a detailed sheet format and contain specific actions and recommendations that you can take to improve your website’s SEO performance. My recommendations are easy to understand and to implement and can be used by your in-house team without additional instruction required.

I use specific checklists and manual reviews to identify potential issues that might be causing unwanted problems with your website and use a full suite of SEO tools such as DeepCrawl, Ahrefs & SiteBulb to help me in identifying new SEO issues.

My technical SEO audits provide you with actionable steps to take, in plain English, to make optimising your website and improving your search rankings as simple as possible. I can also assist in implementing these recommendations for smaller businesses and create a range of JIRA tickets for larger enterprises to ensure that you have a complete project roadmap of actions at your disposal.

Choose a Comprehensive SEO Audit

I have more than 14 years’ worth of expertise in performing technical SEO audit services and a wide range of other SEO services to businesses in the UK and beyond.

If you suspect that your business could benefit from my SEO auditing services, fill out the contact form below and I will get in touch to discuss your needs in further detail.

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