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SEO Conference Speaker from Stratford upon Avon.

I am always actively looking to jump on podcasts or talk at conferences around talk technical SEO and website migrations.

If you’re hosting an event or running a podcast and feel like I might be a good fit I would love to chat further about potential topics.

Kevin Wiles - SEO Advice

Delivering a website migration when no one gives a 💩

Find out how I would approach a website migration for brands when getting SEO buy-in is tough.  I’ll share tips and ideas on how to build a full SEO roadmap and tips on how to manage internal stakeholders to get buy in for your SEO migration.

In this session, you’ll hear the core things to consider about how to get buy in from all stakeholders and the main actions that should be considered as part of a migration.


  • Insights around how to deliver a successful migration

  • An actionable roadmap on recommended tasks for a migration

  • Insights on how to shift your internal mindset around SEO

Key Audience…

  • Anyone about to conduct a website migration
  • Managers or Leaders in a business

A pragmatic approach to technical auditing

This session typically covers insights and recommendations on how to proactively deliver technical audits which actually have clear direction on how your team and developers should go about the briefing and delivering these technical recommendations.


  • A simple approach on how to create a Technical Audit
  • Actionable tips on how to position your audit for implementation
  • Cheeky ways you can use these tools to get what you want
  • A mini roadmap to understanding how to prioritise 

Key Audience…

  • Anyone working in SEO
  • Managers or Leaders in a business
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How do you book me?

This is the easy part simply click the button below and drop me a message I’d love to hear about your conference and any potential speaking opportunities. 

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