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Do you own a business in the UK and are looking to expand your operations into new markets in Europe, the South Pacific, or beyond?

If so, getting your SEO fundamentals just right from the start can benefit your business significantly in the long run. All while ensuring not only that you target the ideal search terms for international markets, but also that you have the correct technical SEO elements in place to drive your company’s expansion through international search engines.

The nature of expanding a business into global markets has changed drastically over the past decades. Today, you need a complete international SEO strategy and implementation plan to succeed in the competitive online space. Your strategy should include the correct translated search terms for your website to drive organic performance, traffic, and ultimately, conversions and sales.

I am an international SEO consultant with a wealth of expertise in helping UK businesses expand into new markets using search engine optimisation best practices. Contact me today to discover how I can take your business from local to international using thorough international SEO audits and a customised international SEO strategy designed specifically for your organisation.

Website Migrations

Migrating your CMS systems or changing the structure of your URLs without careful and comprehensive planning and strategy creation could negatively affect your website’s performance.

My international SEO services include expert website migrations that position your website to reach the right target audiences through popular search engines like Google and Bing.

Website Architecture

Developing a strong website architecture is vital for both long term SEO growth and providing an excellent customer experience. My international technical SEO services include the provision of first- in-class website architecture that will provide your target audiences with a smooth, user-friendly, and memorable experience while using your site.

My website architecture work will build the foundations for ongoing growth and ranking improvements on leading SERPs, giving your business the tools it needs to grow and thrive in international markets.

Penalty Removals

A website that suffers penalties or reductions in traffic will never reach its full potential. If you are experiencing penalties or traffic reductions, I can provide support for your business by reviewing your website’s current performance to ensure that it is not being subjected to algorithmic or manual penalties.

Once these issues have been identified and resolved, your website will be able to attract more organic traffic, improve its search rankings, and enjoy more growth and profitability overall.

Technical SEO Audits

International SEO audits can be a highly effective way of gaining an overview of any issues your website is currently facing and identifying the best improvements to address these challenges and power your SEO performance in the future.

Each international SEO audit I perform for my clients provides specific actions to take to ensure that each business is on the right track to achieving the international SEO performance they want to see.

As an experienced auditing consultant, I use my own unique process which I have adapted using industry-leading tools like DeepCrawl, Sitebulb, Sistrix, Screaming Frog, and Botify. This process allows me to pinpoint exactly which potential issues are holding your website back from exponential growth, and to offer you tailored recommendations on how to resolve those problems and give your site the boost it deserves.

Growing Your International SEO Traffic

The international SEO consultant you choose to partner with can have significant impacts on the success and reach of your international pursuits. I have been involved in a range of international SEO projects with some of the UK’s leading brands, which have expanded into global markets and driven their businesses’ performance forward with my assistance.

My years’ worth of experience in international SEO has enabled me to work across a variety of markets in European countries, while also conducting full expansions and crafting actionable expansion strategies covering the entirety of the South Pacific region.

As an expert freelance international SEO expert, I can provide your business with information, guidance and specialised optimisation recommendations to ensure that your website is not only technically sound for crawlability and indexation purposes, but also for targeting the right search terms to provide long term organic growth in your markets of choice.

Get in touch using the contact form below to learn more about my international SEO audit services, my international SEO strategy building processes, and how I can help to drive your business forward, both in the UK and on a global scale.

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