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Give your business an opportunity to reach its full potential with a Birmingham SEO strategy tailored to your needs.

Whether you have an established UK business or you’re just setting up, my expertly crafted local SEO campaigns can get your business featured at the top of local search results pages and attract your target audiences in Birmingham – and beyond.


My Digital Marketing Consultancy Services In Birmingham

As an SEO Birmingham expert, I provide premium consultancy services to businesses at competitive rates. I have more than 14 years’ worth of experience in search engine optimisation and access to all the latest tools. Using my extensive knowledge and tools, I can assess your on-site SEO and devise a robust SEO strategy upon which to build your business’s success.

I’ve worked with a number of international and local businesses of all sizes to optimise their SEO practices, thoroughly audit their websites to make informed recommendations, and maximise their profitability.

Contact me today and I can do the same for your Birmingham business.

Find an SEO Consultant in Birmingham

A solid SEO strategy requires ongoing effort and optimisation to succeed, especially as search engines like Google are constantly adjusting their algorithms and ranking requirements.

If you want to get your business to the top of popular SERPs, you need to work with a seasoned SEO company in Birmingham who knows exactly which factors these search engines are looking for and how you can meet all their requirements. My services enable you to sustain continuous improvements in your site’s search rankings, sales, and organic traffic, thereby providing excellent returns on your SEO investment!

My SEO Birmingham Services

Although there are many aspects to a complete SEO strategy, I focus on one in particular: technical SEO. Technical SEO forms the foundations for every other aspect of search engine optimisation in Birmingham. By starting from the ground up, I can build a strong strategy tailored to your needs.

Should you choose to partner with me, I will create a unique, bespoke, and comprehensive technical SEO plan for your business, including a full audit of your website to help identify possible issues that could be holding it back. This plan will inform my creation of an eCommerce marketing strategy which will optimise every element of your website’s SEO.

Once these bespoke plans are implemented, you can expect your website to rank higher on SERPs, attract more organic traffic and brand exposure, and bring in more revenues consistently as well.

My SEO Process

Here’s how I conduct my process to get your business seen online…


The better I can understand your business and your competitors, the better I can create a successful long term SEO plan for you. My first step is to conduct research into your operations and your competition through a comprehensive technical audit.


From there, I’ll use the data I’ve obtained to isolate any technical issues I find. I will also conduct expert keyword research to improve your on-site SEO. These actions will aid me in resolving any problems I find on your site, which in turn will improve your search rankings on Google and Bing.


Next, I’ll use competitor and market analyses to create new, tailored content for your site. My content roadmaps drive greater levels of traffic to your web pages and encourage customer conversions, helping you to earn more money over time.


Promotion is a core aspect of any good SEO campaign. I will use my research to create a robust link building profile and authoritative keyword list as part of your SEO strategy.


Once I’ve handed my roadmaps and recommendations over to you, I will continue to work with your team to evaluate the progress of your SEO program, identify what’s working and what needs improvement, and make adjustments to get you ranked highly.

The Benefits of SEO

Return On Investment (ROI)

An expertly crafted SEO strategy will benefit your Birmingham business by boosting your Google rankings, attracting new leads, and increasing your sales.

Increase Your Credibility

Build trust with your customers and establish your brand as an authority by using SEO to improve your SERP rankings and attract more positive reviews and testimonials.

Improve User Experience

Using the latest technical SEO practices improves the user experience of your website and helps you to attract and retain more customers from your key target audiences.

Outrank Local Competitors

My Birmingham SEO services are designed to help your business claim its position at the top of local search engine results pages on Google Maps, Google My Business, and other local directories. This exposure is exactly what your brand needs to outrank local competitors and build trust among your audiences.

Boost Footfall

A strong SEO campaign will help you attract more people to your physical premises, improve your SERP rankings, and gain you more positive reviews.

Establish Brand Awareness

My SEO campaigns will help to strengthen awareness of your brand among Birmingham audiences to boost your sales and your website traffic alike.

SEO Services I Provide

Link Audits

My link auditing services identify core issues and provide simple recommendations as to how to correct links that are affecting your SEO performance.

Link Building Management

I offer a range of link building and outreach services to build your brand’s authority and deliver you excellent ROI.

Ranking Recovery

If you’ve been affected by one of Google’s algorithm updates, I can review the penalties you’ve been given and create a concise plan on how to address these penalties.

Traffic Analysis

My services can also identify why your web traffic and rankings have declined, and exactly what you can do to improve them above their past levels.

Keyword Intent & Research

My in-depth keyword research provides you with the ideal keywords to use to engage your target audiences and convert them into loyal customers online.

Technical SEO

SEO is complicated. If your website is not ranking in Google, I can conduct a full technical SEO audit, identify the issues holding you back, and recommend optimal solutions.

SEO Strategy

I’m always eager to work alongside your marketing team to craft an innovative SEO Birmingham-focused strategy in line with your earning goals.

SEO Training

If your staff need support, I can educate them on core SEO elements either online or in person.

Consultancy Advice

I can work as a freelance consultant to review your website’s current SEO performance and provide recommendations that you can use to enhance it.

Migration Support

I assist businesses that are migrating their websites or redesigning their brands to conduct full site migrations while maintaining their organic performance.

Local SEO

I’m passionate about working with local businesses in Birmingham to create SEO plans designed to drive their local performance and improve their MAP results exponentially over time.

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